From my desk: april 15, 2020

I have seen a lot of blogs talking about healthy eating since many of us are packing on the pounds being stuck home. I used to health coach for a company and although I don’t agree with their ideas, since it is all processed and packaged, I did love many of the lean recipes. One of the very best sites is called Sandy’s Kitchen Adventures. Try the cauliflower crust pizza! I typically don’t like cauliflower but this is awesome and very healthy! Let me know what you try!

In Willimantic, CT there is a “famous” bridge called the Frog Bridge.
Today, on my one day out for errands I noticed that the frogs are wearing masks!

Not that many will care but since all the shipping delays I don’t have a miniature to work on. So sad. But I spent yesterday drawing. I found this one woman who has youtube videos on how to draw things and I found her very easy to follow and complete the drawings! RapidFireArt
If you follow this artist, Harriet Muller she is really good too.
There is one called How2DrawAnimals but his videos are very fast and not as descriptive of what to do.
I suggest RapidFireArt: How to draw a realistic eye

David’s car got hit last week. Luckily no one was hurt at all but the insurance company totalled out his car based on the amount of damage and the year, etc. So we have been car shopping. David would really like a Toyota FJ Cruiser so we have been looking at those. We drove two and each handled differently, so it is important to try them out. Toyota doesn’t make the FJ anymore, although they say they will again soon, so all of the FJs on the market are used.

Well, I am off to read blogs and then do one of the drawing lessons. Today it was in the 60’s which is really encouraging, especially when my yard hasn’t really been tended to in over a year and a half.

Peace to you all! Thanks for following!

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