Education: Fowc with fandango

written for Fandango:

My view of education in the Us


As an educator I have a mixed view of public education in the United States. I think there are many great schools and there are some fantastic educators, but I see a problem, as do many educators like myself. Now all of these things are all my opinion and there will be many contradictions and arguments that what I am saying is accurate. That is fine, I am not claiming to have done studies on this.  

Great things about education in the US:  

  • High expectations in many schools 
  • Funding in non-poverty areas 
  • Building new facilities 
  • STEM education 
  • Free education for all 

My list of things I think are on the poor side is a bit longer and I am stating that this is all my opinion and does not represent any specific school, district, or state.  

  • Problems with learning are not identified early enough in the primary grades 
  • Economic discrepancies determine the quality of education in many areas 
  • We are not sufficiently globally competitive 
  • Technology is too distracting, rather than helpful 
  • Administrators are not in a position to make necessary changes, based on what their teachers are saying, because of the bureaucracy of school systems. 
  • Schooling still relies on familial involvement, however, with the breakdown of traditional families, there is not always support available for children outside of the school.  
  • Children don’t value education and view themselves as lucky to have a free education. 

I do believe there are many qualities of our educational system that are great. There are some great teachers who really care about the kids. There are schools that are able to provide everything kids need to learn. The biggest problem is that the US cannot say that their schools are even slightly, consistently equal across the country.  

Do I have a solution? No. I don’t know if there is a solution. The issues are so big and there are so many players. What do you think? How is it in your country? 

5 thoughts on “Education: Fowc with fandango

  1. I definitely agree about the use of technology in schools currently: more distracting than helpful. I tutor kids in math, and sometimes they come in with their tablets, and there can be technical difficulties. Plus, I need to check and make sure that they are actually doing their homework!

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    1. One of my biggest issues with math is that so many kids don’t grasp the basics so when they get to the higher levels they can’t function. (haha, like that unplanned pun?) I think the focus go so narrow, about the methodology for teaching simple math facts that it left behind the idea that you teach so kids can learn. Years ago, I went on a short trip and left math plans for my first graders. This was clinical day and the kids were very behind academically. The lesson was on adding or subtracting, I can’t recall. When I got back my principal pulled me aside to tell me I was teaching math wrong. His daughter was in a Montessori school and was learning it differently. Well, my kids were learning. Isn’t that what matters most?

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  2. Christine, you forgot to mention corporate and political efforts to destroy public education by taking taxpayer dollars to fund charter schools and private school vouchers. I do what little I can with my voice to fight that issue every time it comes up locally. Grrr….

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    1. You are absolutely right! My late son, when he was in 8th grade, wanted so badly to go to a magnet school for Aerospace and Engineering. I had to drop him off at the bus stop at 4:30 am and he didn’t get home until almost 6 pm. He lasted about a month and a half and I remember him saying “Mom, those kids don’t care about education. They are just like the regular kids in my school”. I had to think about it and realized that magnet schools, like the charter schools, are run on a lottery system. People want their kids to go to avoid bad public schools. But what about the specialization? It isn’t really there.

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      1. The Girl just finished 8th grade at Nashville’s premiere magnet middle school an is headed to 9th grade at Nashville’s premeire magnet high school, one of the top public schools in the state. She and we loved every minute of her years at middle school, and we hope The Boy will be able to get in there as well. We’ve been highly impressed with all of the teachers & administrators there as well as many of the students & parents. Students who finished both schools and go on to college frequently remark that after that HS, college was a walk in the park.

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