Blogging A to Z April Challenge: R 04/21/2020

Reading because you want to

Not all kids like to read, nor do all adults. Reading is fundamental to learning and can be reinforced in many ways. How do you make it fun or wanted?

My biggest recommendation to ALL parents is this: Let your child read what they want! I’m not saying to NOT read what is assigned but it is fun for children to read what they find fun or interesting. Even as an adult, I love reading Dr. Seuss books. One of my favorite authors is Shel Silverstein. There are chapter books, like the Magic Tree House or 39 Clues, that may be below reading level but are intriguing. Any reading is good reading!

Educators know what they need to present to students to encourage appropriate level learning. This is essential and very important. Reading is also important and if it is always difficult or “boring” it won’t be something kids want to do. Comic books are good for reading, we grew up with them! Comics in the newspaper, short stories, blogs, websites…They all require kids to read something, and as I say, something is better than nothing. If kids learn to enjoy reading, it will become easier and more desirable.

Have you thought about Mad Libs? They teach parts of speech and require reading when all the blanks are filled in. You can print them for free off the internet if you don’t have the books. They also sell them online.

Have you thought about questionnaires? Let kids question you. If they make their own questions, they have to read them to ask you. There are also ideas like “Would you Rather” or “What would you choose?”. Word searches require reading words. Crossword puzzles require reading clues.

Contact me if you need other fun ideas!

4 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z April Challenge: R 04/21/2020

  1. Hi, great post! My kids are 10 and 12 and they loved reading a few years back. Now it seems it’s what they’ll do if they Have to (for school). They still love reading Comic books as they’re quick to finish and don’t contain a lot of text but get discouraged if it’s a “proper” book. In our age of screen control, I guess it becomes a normal thing but it’s up to us, parents to insist on reading time.

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    1. One thing you might want to do is encourage comic books but slowly introduce graphic novels. They actually have them for a lot of the classics now! Shakespeare graphic novels! Still not too many words but a little more depth. Thanks for reading.


  2. I could get hours of fun out of a Dell puzzle magazine. My favorite was “Pencil Puzzles And Word Games.” The logic problems were always a challenge, because they require reading and reasoning.

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