Blogging A to Z April Challenge: Q 04/20/2020

Quick quizzes: why are they important?

Believe it or not, kids love to show what they know! Why not make some mini-quizzes to reinforce learning? They don’t have to be traditional paper and pencil quizzes. They could be a back and forth question session. Let children quiz you on what they learned. That is a reinforcer!

Quick quizzes or informal questioning is so important because it reinforces what is being taught. It is also a way for parents to see what their children are having trouble with. This is very important information that should be relayed back to teachers. No one wants kids falling behind. Teachers have ways of completing formal and informal assessments. While children are out of the classroom, you can assist teachers in knowing what needs to be retaught or emphasized. This is a win-win for everyone!

A great way to have a fun time with kids is to play Kahoot. All you need is at least 2 separate pieces of technology. You can sign up for free on There are existing quizzes and you can also make your own quizzes. Quizzes can be about anything! They can be super fun. Check it out or ask your child’s teacher about it.

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