Blogging A to Z April Challenge: K 04/13/2020

Kind Acts

Kind acts includes a huge gamut of things to do. People of every age can do kind things and it can be kind things to family members, societal members, and in this day and age – first responders and care takers. With social isolation and distancing, kind acts have to be somewhat virtual if aimed at someone outside of your immediate household.

So what are some ideas of kind acts?

  • Send messages on social media. Unlike years ago, before all of the modern technology, this was not possible. Nowadays, almost everyone can be reached via social media. Even people you don’t personally know. For instance, local police departments. They have Facebook pages, as do many hospitals. Post on their Facebook page how proud you are of what they are doing for so many sick people.
  • Make posters for your car for display when out on errands. You will never know when you may pull up at the gas pump, next to a nurse or doctor. They may look over and see encouraging words written on a poster in your car. A smile may come to their face. It’s just a small way to say thank you.
  • Stay home! Yes, staying home is a kind act. If you stay home you are just one more person who ISN’T going to spread the virus.
  • Write letters to first responders. Don’t have a stamp? Check with your local mail carrier if there is a way to get mail to local offices. You may have to drop thank you letters or notes of other contents, right at the hospital or fire station. When you pull up, most places now have someone come out to you to see what your needs are. Hand them the notes and ask them to bring them inside. The only problem with this is that some places don’t want to accept any product from the outside. If this were to happen, go back to social media.
  • Take a walk in front of your elderly neighbors house. Call them to the door and just wave and say hello from the street or down their driveway. Sometimes a simple hello can brighten someone’s day.

Yes, with social distancing and this horrible virus, kind acts are not what we typically envision. Be creative and I almost guarantee that every effort will be appreciated.

Stay safe, healthy, and home!!

4 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z April Challenge: K 04/13/2020

  1. As far as writing letters, you can go to and order stamps, and your carrier brings them. They have other supplies as well. As for sending them, if you have a curbside box, you can leave them in there for the carrier or give them directly to the carrier. Why leave the house?

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