Blogging A to Z April Challenge: J 04/11/2020

Juggling: multiple classes/classwork and everything else 

Basing my blogs on education I did have a different direction to bring this post, however, based on current real-life conditions I want to address the idea of juggling more on a track of kids at home.

All over the country children are home, learning via virtual classrooms. Google classroom, Dojo, Kahoot, Kahn Academy, See Saw Learning, Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, Big Blue Button, Learn Cube, Wiz IQ, Samba Live, …. and many others.

So, the schools are getting a good handle on education but how do you juggle learning time, playtime, downtime, and mealtime while everyone is at home? My first response: Make a schedule for the entire household. It is not only the children who need a schedule to stick to, it’s the adults too! Time passes before our eyes, especially when we are doing fun things like watching movies or playing outside. You want to secure a certain amount of time each day as a learning block. It doesn’t have to be all in one block, but it should be set.

Once you have the schedule for learning time versus other times, you have to delegate what parts of that learning time are devoted to each class. When children are at school they don’t sit for three hours straight working on English or Math. They are moving between subjects. This movement, at home, can include a short bit of exercise, a quick healthy snack, a walk outside. The breaks should also be timed. Ten minutes should be sufficient between subjects.

The biggest problem families will face is efficacy! Make sure you all stick to the schedule! If you don’t, things will pile up around you all, making life seem overwhelming and unbearable. When tasks pile up, people shut down. Don’t fall prey to free time!

If you need other ideas for keeping kids on task, please message me here or send me an email:

Stay safe and healthy!

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