What day is it anyway? Monday April 6th

Piggy-backing Carol Anne’s post: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/44793102/posts/2653711273

1:30 PM right now.

My daughter called this morning at 7:15 am. I wasn’t up, but I always pick up (at least now I do since I’ve been through hell and back). Later in the morning she texted me that she had just woken up and thought it was 7:15 PM! Hahaha, it made sense. I couldn’t understand why a 21 year old would call mom at 7:15 am unless it was an emergency.

I then had my therapy session, virtual session. All is good with that.

I then went on the computer and ordered a few new miniature kits. I have decided to make a “street” of some of the Asian market kits. I will put up a shelf and line them up like a street, adding other things to make it seem realistic. I love these kits and it is starting to add up money-wise, but I’m not spending much money otherwise and I love making the kits. The current one I am doing now is a book store. If you have a book lover and want a completed kit, it will be $80.

After I went and purchased the kits that I would like to complete for my “Asian Market Street”, I checked out some books on Amazon Audible. They had a few free ones that looked good and I also had three credits to use. I am listening to one now.

The last time I had my road trip to Florida I wanted to listen to an audible. When I went through them and picked one it was a Psychological Thriller about these two brothers who search for innocent travelers to torture and kill. Yeah, so I got through a few pages and realized I was an innocent traveler and this was probably NOT a good choice. Anyhow, the only other “non-thriller” stories was one about Salvadore Dali. It was good but not that long. So, the point of my story, I “bought” some interesting books for my road trips.

Next, my time on WordPress, and here I am!
Have a peaceful day, stay healthy, keep your distance from others, and pray this virus stops it’s journey very soon!

3 thoughts on “What day is it anyway? Monday April 6th

    1. I love the kits and yes it takes patience. I found that some need extra time for glue drying. One of the last kits had directions only in Chinese, so I had to go just by pictures and the look of the finished project.

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