Blogging A to Z April Challenge: E 04/07/2020

Exercise gives energy for learning 

With children home from school now, many are much more sedentary than they usually are. We all know this is an issue, with the increase in technology there has a been a decrease in physical activity in young people. There have been many studies on physical activity and how it affects learning and memory. Through many of these studies there is proof that physical activity does improve learning.  

In a study by KAREN POSTAL PH.D., ABPP-CN, It was shown that exercise does in fact increase memory and retention. 

As an educator I understand the difficulty in motivating children to study and sit down long enough to learn what needs to be learned in a day. If your child is having trouble, try some exercises. It doesn’t mean you have to commit a long amount of time. You can do a few sets of different exercises to wake the brain up and then get to work. If need be, you can do sets of exercises throughout the day to keep yourself and your child awake and alert.  

Here are some great ideas: 

Once you have done a few sets move onto an educational task. Taking breaks is okay and a good thing! When young people are at school, they get breaks, sometimes only three to five minutes, between classes. Everyone needs a break. Movement is the best break to wake up a tired mind! Keep it fun, keep it relaxed, learning will happen in a positive environment.  

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