What Actually Happens When a Country Bans Abortion

I am not promoting abortion but how can a state take control over the physical body of its citizens? Where is freedom in that? I agree that some people use abortion the wrong way but if done for a specific reason, especially if the child is going to be born profoundly handicapped, isn’t it the parents choice if they are able to take that type of life on? If money were not an issue, I would say that banning abortion wouldn’t be such a big deal but nothing is free. The only thing I have to say against abortion is that there are so many people wanting babies that can’t have them, and would take any infant in a heartbeat. I don’t know….But how can a State Rep know?

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Romania under Ceausescu created a dystopian horror of overcrowded, filthy orphanages, and thousands died from back-alley abortions.

1989: Romanian orphans in a Bucharest orphanage shortly after the December Revolution in 1989. (Photo by Kevin Weaver/Getty Images)

As lawmakers in Alabama this week passed a bill that would outlaw abortion in the U.S. state entirely, protesters outside the statehouse wore blood-red robes, a nod to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale, in which childbearing is entirely controlled by the state. Hours later, the book was trending on Twitter.

But opponents of the restrictive abortion laws currently being considered in the United States don’t need to look to fiction for admonitory examples of where these types of laws can lead. For decades, communist Romania was a real-life test case of what can happen when a country outlaws abortion entirely, and the results were devastating.

In 1966, the leader of Romania, Nicolae…

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