Weekly Smile for 2/24/2020 #weeklysmile

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What is my smile this week?
This morning I was sitting quietly reading blogs and thinking about my day. I have my comfy chair in a place that I can stare all day at my birds. I have three hangers outside that keep the suet cakes. This morning I saw 2 giant Clickers, a handful of woody or downy woodpeckers, about 8 blue birds, a tufted-titmouse, a bright red cardinal, and a giant squirrel!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Smile for 2/24/2020 #weeklysmile

  1. Sounds like my birds….did they wander over there? We haven’t seen bluebirds yet…though some stay all winter, but in winter the only time I see them is when it’s really really cold and they line up on my heated birdbath. This winter we didn’t get cold like that. I’m watching titmouse, chicadees, woodpeckers of three different varieties, bluejays, cardinals,goldfinches (that are not gold this time of year), sparrows, and big black crows. Oh, and lots of squirrels too, little and big.

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    1. Funny but I have only seen one cardinal and farther away in a tree. I began hanging the suet to attract cardinals but I have attracted everything but! My favorite to watch is the Northern Flicker. It is such a beautiful bird.


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