Ragtag Daily Prompt: Things with faces

Lean your head way to the right and you will see a little distressed being with a beautiful mane of yellow petals.

4 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt: Things with faces

  1. Thanks for visiting my site!
    May I suggest you make good use of the fifteen tags & categories WordPress allows us. To a post like this I’d add: Thoughts, Musing, Writing prompt; Photography, and Humor. And you actually don’t need the hash-tags. (We hashed this out at RDP. Hash tags # are for Twitter, not WordPress.)
    Wishing you courage in your writing and grief journeys.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions, things I did not know. And I love that I don’t have to use hashtags, they are annoying! lol! I wasn’t really sure how important tags and all that were. I will definitely take your advice! By the way, since I am Christine too I must ask, what’s your middle name and your birthday? Hahaha, I worked once with someone same first name, middle name, birth month and birth day, different birth year.

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      1. Middle name’s Evelyn. Born in March. Much older. 😉
        Tags: why don’t you pop over to the Reader and see all the tags. Granted, there’s a lot of news from afar you won’t be interested in, but you can get an idea what the main tags are. And if you click on a few, you’ll see how the system works. I’ve advised a LOT of new bloggers to use as many categories and tags as are pertinent to their post, up to a total of fifteen.
        Click here: https://wordpress.com/tags/


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