It is First Line Friday!

Eden saw doubt in their trembling smiles, they never expected her to recover. 

But as she regained consciousness, visions of the accident started coming back in small snippits. Was she driving the car? She can’t remember. Where was she going?

Everyone, including the doctor and the charge nurse, stood above her, staring down at her as though she had died. No one seemed particularly happy that she was alive, let alone awake. Perhaps they knew she would survive. But those smiles, half smiles really, sent a chill down her spine. She began realizing they were waiting for her to respond before celebrating the fact that she was even alive.

Her eyes became heavier and she was unable to find the energy to keep them open. As soon as Eden closed her eyes, they began to speak in hushed tones. In her head she wondered, “Was that the doctor’s voice saying I could still be in a coma? Was I in a coma?” This was so confusing and no matter how hard she tried she could not will her eyes to open or her mouth to form words to speak.

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