Three Thing Challenge

Your three words today are: figure, nod, handsome

Just a mirage 

As I walk down along this dry, desert road 

I feel my insides about to explode. 

I haven’t been eating, its been some three days 

The blinding sun has been guiding my ways. 

A figure is outlined against the bright sky 

I can’t tell if it’s a woman or guy. 

I nod as I walk by, I’m hoping to see 

If that lonely tall person looks a bit friend-ly. 

I see that he’s handsome, pretty darn cute 

He’s wearing nice shoes and a dark, navy suit. 

I ask him if he knows the way to my car 

He said that he thinks that I’ve walked way to far. 

I say that I know that, but how can it be? 

I’m far from my car, parked out near a tree. 

He says that he saw me last night at the pub. 

I thought that was strange, I don’t like to club. 

I must have been thinking aloud at this point 

He asked if I wanted to smoke me a joint. 

I said that I did and it tasted real swell 

I wonder if food ever tasted this well. 

I pondered for seconds, high as a kite 

All of a sudden all alone in the night.  

Was this all a dream, was it true and for real 

It’s just a mirage when it’s been days with no meal.  

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