Three Things Challenge

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Di at Pensitivity101. The three things are “shade,” “brother,” and “mobile.”

There lived in the forest a family of five. They were a happy family and they loved living beneath the sycamore trees, using their shade to allow time for relaxation. They loved living in the forest with the animals and with the weather. They believed that God put them in the forest for a purpose and knew that in the forest is where they would stay. God did not wish for them to be mobile, as he did not provide them with a vehicle or animals to ride. They loved being together. The mother and father, the sisters and the brother. No negativity, good communication, working together. God created perfection.

Three Things Challenge

Your final three words for this week are:
fairy, dim, wait.

Fairy Song

The fairy flies with tinted wings,
from her fairy lungs she sings
a song of happiness and delight
a song to carry her through the night.

But when the light is far too dim
She flies along beside of him
to help him see his way on through
She didn’t know what else to do.

She waits until he sees her smile
It could have been at least a mile.
He listens gently to her song
Happy that she came along.

Three Thing Challenge

Your three words today are: figure, nod, handsome

Just a mirage 

As I walk down along this dry, desert road 

I feel my insides about to explode. 

I haven’t been eating, its been some three days 

The blinding sun has been guiding my ways. 

A figure is outlined against the bright sky 

I can’t tell if it’s a woman or guy. 

I nod as I walk by, I’m hoping to see 

If that lonely tall person looks a bit friend-ly. 

I see that he’s handsome, pretty darn cute 

He’s wearing nice shoes and a dark, navy suit. 

I ask him if he knows the way to my car 

He said that he thinks that I’ve walked way to far. 

I say that I know that, but how can it be? 

I’m far from my car, parked out near a tree. 

He says that he saw me last night at the pub. 

I thought that was strange, I don’t like to club. 

I must have been thinking aloud at this point 

He asked if I wanted to smoke me a joint. 

I said that I did and it tasted real swell 

I wonder if food ever tasted this well. 

I pondered for seconds, high as a kite 

All of a sudden all alone in the night.  

Was this all a dream, was it true and for real 

It’s just a mirage when it’s been days with no meal.  

Three Thing Challenge

Pillar, Stuck, Toe

The Kitty and The Honey Bee 

The kitty and the honey bee 

Hid behind a Hickory tree. 

They wanted to be left alone, 

No videos, no telephone. 

The pillar of the trunk did hide 

The special lunch they set aside. 

But stuck in to the wax there was 

The kitty’s tail, all stuck with fuzz. 

The bee he cried to see such woe 

The kitty tried to use her toe 

To unstick that old sticky mess 

The bee he did it, he must confess, 

To keep the kitty near him too 

Without her he would be so blue. 

She had no plan to stay or leave 

But trickery made her believe 

That bee didn’t love her as she him 

The lunch date was a thoughtless whim. 

So two dear friends they do not know 

This friendship, it will have to go. 

Three Thing Challenge

Planning, Valise, Stranger

She stood on the sidewalk, valise on her left, Perry, her cocker spaniel on her right. The rain had just begun to come down at a steady rate, just fast enough to soak her and Perry before they were able to make it to the doorway of their building. The valise would be soaked through, ruining the day’s work but planning had not always been her strong suit. She should have used the plastic sleeves to encase the work, but had not. Instead, here she stands, next to a stranger, dry under his own umbrella, while she waits for the signal that it is safe to walk.  

Three Things Challenge #48

chocolate, carrot, and chicken

The Chocolate Chicken  

There was a chocolate chicken with wings so dark and smooth 

He didn’t know he wasn’t real, he thought that he could move. 

One day he went out in the sun to play with all his friends 

He didn’t know that chocolate melts. Is this where our story ends? 

Oh no, not now for he was there for many days and nights 

He didn’t even notice when his friends took little bites. 

He slowly started getting small and unknown to himself 

He had to go back to the store to go back on a shelf. 

When he got there he did see a rowdy little group 

Buying carrots and a pot to make a healthy soup. 

One cute kid did want him bad, to take him home that day 

The chocolate chicken was happy when the boy took him away. 

At the home of this cute boy, his name is still unknown 

The chicken found his hollow self was without a single bone.  

He was eaten quite quickly from his toes up to his head 

His head was left inside the box on the table by the bed.  

And now he sits and stares at all four walls and one big door 

Wishing he could be back home on the shelf at that old store.  

Three Things Challenge #41:

This was my word selection today: burnished, crystal, flexible

I am thankful my mind is flexible. It has been burnished by the support around me, despite the continual chipping away by uncontrollable circumstances. These circumstances have left remnants of pain and sorrow, rather than crystals of joy and happiness.