I am a widow

I decided to add to my blog, a part of me that perhaps can help someone else connect, find some solace, to talk about what is going on. The pain is real and never seems to end. I have friends who lost a spouse over ten years ago and it hurts as much as those that just lost a spouse in the last year.

On this page I will post things I learn about the grieving process.

Please share your story if you would like. Talking about it with someone else who knows how it feels does provide some sense of comfort.

Welcome to this new page.

3 thoughts on “I am a widow

  1. Christine, I too am an educator, and widow(er) who has lost a child. These experiences tax us, and the pain is real. I hope you continue to share your thoughts,and that your goal of teaching children to love is fulfilled. I also hope that this finds you are well and happy.

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  2. Today is my husband’s 81st birthday, he has been gone almost 8 years, his new birthday is Nov. 13, 8 years. Time is flying by and each day I am closer to that day when I will see him again. We had 6 children together and we all miss him very much as I am sure others who share grief know.

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