The Little Things: Compilation 07/20/2022

Like a fractal deposit along the creek bed
an astounding accomplishment poignantly said
Sunset in a cup, so light and refreshing
Keeping all your close friends silently guessing
where have you been and where are you going
You’ll slip out the back with nobody knowing
The sound of a tin cup rattling with change
Time suddenly frozen, no need to arrange
A shipment sent back from an unlisted number
your hot mind relaxes and then you may slumber.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Twiglet #286

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twist of emotion

My Trip

Twenty hours on the road
my destination near
I cross the road which changed my life
and took my child here
I moved on more to the one spot
where he and him both lay
As tears roll down my withered cheeks
for here they both will stay
One more drive and then I’ll be
where love and warmth exist
where happiness and healthy food
are part of this long tryst
The biggest part is coming soon
where my true love awaits
For my dear daughter will be here
her stress can now abate.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry