What do you see?

When I look into the distance

When I look into the distance 
I see you walking 
with someone new 
without me 

When I look into the distance  
I do not see us together 
I am alone 
without you 

When I look into the distance 
my hopes for tomorrow 
are as far away 
as you are 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Poetry for today

I’m trying to call you 

When I tried to call you  
There was no answer back  
For you live in heaven  
My world is dark and black.  
I can’t see you here now 
Your spirit is not seen  
I know you are here though  
Your love is what I mean.  
When you left you forgot  
To say goodbye to me  
And now my heart is broke 
Is this how life will be?  
You left me alone here  
Without you I am blue  
I will see you again  
For that I know is true.