Sunday Whirl: Wordle 545

Brenda hosts the Sunday Whirl:

Unimaginable Ukraine

Amidst the rubble after the war
The explosions are felt ‘round the world
The power of one is evil by far
While his wicked ways become unfurled

Homes are now scarce as spirits decline
The free world is far from the norm
The people will sit while bombs sing and whine
Like the deadliest part of the storm

An unrelenting battle goes on
As tears rise all ‘round the globe
The lilt and swagger now is far gone
While the search for the dead is the probe

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

What do you see?

When I look into the distance

When I look into the distance 
I see you walking 
with someone new 
without me 

When I look into the distance  
I do not see us together 
I am alone 
without you 

When I look into the distance 
my hopes for tomorrow 
are as far away 
as you are 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Poetry for today

I’m trying to call you 

When I tried to call you  
There was no answer back  
For you live in heaven  
My world is dark and black.  
I can’t see you here now 
Your spirit is not seen  
I know you are here though  
Your love is what I mean.  
When you left you forgot  
To say goodbye to me  
And now my heart is broke 
Is this how life will be?  
You left me alone here  
Without you I am blue  
I will see you again  
For that I know is true.