5 Favorite Fall Fruits

For Dr. Tanya at Salted Caramel: https://saltedcaramel670.wordpress.com/2020/10/06/5-favourite-fall-fruits/

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Like Dr. Tanya, I love most fruits. I don’t know if I can choose only five and I also don’t know if they are only for fall, but here goes…

  1. Peaches – picked right out of a tree, smelling sweet, fuzzy
  2. Plums – Dark purplish-black with a light red inside
  3. Apples – Empire picked right off the tree
  4. Blueberries – they go with anything
  5. Bananas – yeah, I know, but they are sort of year-round

I love Star fruit, mangos, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines, grapes, blackberries, huckleberries, gooseberries…..

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