The Little Things: Compilation 07/20/2022

Like a fractal deposit along the creek bed
an astounding accomplishment poignantly said
Sunset in a cup, so light and refreshing
Keeping all your close friends silently guessing
where have you been and where are you going
You’ll slip out the back with nobody knowing
The sound of a tin cup rattling with change
Time suddenly frozen, no need to arrange
A shipment sent back from an unlisted number
your hot mind relaxes and then you may slumber.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Hazy – January 25, 2022

Like a fog that won’t lift
on a mind that won’t clear
a haze in your brain
a thick mass that you fear.

It will make your judgement
be skewed out of whack
but sometime your senses
will quickly come back.

Until you are clear
remember the ones that you love
for you are the only one
besides God up above.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – “Ghostly” – October 19, 2020

First I want to “reblog” a poem I read today that I thought was phenomenal. I wanted to do a true reblog but I just don’t like how reblogs come out looking like my writing. Anyhow, check this out: Farrago Express The title is Links in the Chain.

So now for my contribution:

Living Hell

From out of the shadows there come the souls 

Of the children who have been lost in life 

They seek out peace and a comforting world 

Where, for them, there is no longer strife. 

What has taken them you may ask? 

Indeed, I wish I could tell. 

To lose a little one, any which way 

Is to a parent, a living hell.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Transition: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Written for Eugi’s weekly prompt:

Seasons of Love

At the beginning it was cold, our love not born yet. 

Spring came and our love grew, like flowers blooming. 

By summer our love was hot with passion and desire. 

In winter we took the chance to settle in with each other. 

Like the seasons come 
An epiphany of love 
Forever changing 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Renewal: Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

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Renku: First 10 verses

Green spring grassy fields 
New birth open to live now 
always wondering 

Renewal of earlier 
Each year before the next 

Happy animals hoping 
to start new families and thrive 
in these new beginnings 

Without planning 
spring comes each year. 

The winter moon is no longer shining 
for the earth is warming 
and the planets shift for the seasons. 

Love found on the icy glass 
of the frozen waters that lie.  

Surpassing all the obstacles 
unlike the change of the seasons 
love continues unaltered. 

Filling the world with hope 
and wonderment of things to come 

Hoping to fulfill the joys imagined 
with all the happiness 
togetherness will be bringing. 

Renewing life also means 
Continuing the things, you love.