Prompt Poetry

When I was younger, I went to school to become smart. I thought that getting smart was a rite of passage and that no one had to worry, it would happen. School was not hard for me, my body seemed to absorb knowledge, and offered me an oasis in a socially demanding environment. Now as an adult I wonder where they all are, all the kids that went to school with me. Did they get smart? Did they find it or did it find them? What about those who didn’t care? Do they care now?  

3TC; Body, School, Hard 

RDP; Passage 

Word of the day Challenge; Oasis 

Three Things Challenge #56

Yours words today were smuggle, seat and melt.

If you go through TSA at any US airport you will be asked to remove way too many clothing items and throw away much too much in the way of beauty products and lotions. That is unless you get TSA precheck. Then you go through with virtually no change but your bag on the belt. Precheck requires an FBI background check, so if you don’t mind Big Brother invading one more personal space, it is so worth it if you are a frequent traveler. My one piece of advice – Do not try to smuggle a chocolate bar onto the plane, in your pocket, because the minute you sit in your seat it will melt and become a hideous brown stain on the back of your pants. At that point, no one will believe that you like chocolate that much!

Three Things Challenge #38: my response Posted on October 21, 2019 by pensitivity101

Your words for today were precious, bottom, meek

For those who are meek and sit at the bottom of the well, listen to me speak and I will cast out my spell.

You are too precious to stay in a place dark and so dank. You must rise up above and straight out of that tank.

Show people your light for its shine is intense. Let people realize the option is opening the fence.

Open it wide and allow people in. The world loves our children and all women and men.

By Christine Bialczak

Three Thing Challenge #37

Written for the Three Things Challenge for October 20, 2109 from Pensitivity 101: self, assaulted, hedgerow

Sitting along the hedgerow

I wonder where to go

Can I still belong here?

Can the wind still blow?

My mind drifts off to somewhere new

Assaulted by the sound.

The grasses green and flowers red

Insects and birds abound.

Sitting along the hedgerow

I know my time is now.

My present self is ready

to stand and take a bow.

Stand with me too

for you are part of all there is to be.

For life is like a labyrinth

A maze for you and me.

Three Things Challenge #35

Your final three things for the week are: personality, pimple, lead

There was a little fat man who laid upon his bed. He had a giant wrinkle and a pimple on his head.

He didn’t know what fun was, he always lacked in speed. He’d never won a race in life, he never took the lead.

One day he was so certain that he found a wife to love. He gave her all his money, a purple hat and glove.

Her personality was peaceful, her grace beyond divine. He knew one day he’d say to her, “I want you, be all mine.”

She’d say yes sir, I will, I do, I cannot live without. I love you too, we get along, a wedding without doubt.

He’d love that girl until he died, he’d never want to stray. She’d stay with him, as his wife, she’d never go away.

The little man he stayed real fat, his cake he loved to eat. The girl she loved to think about the day that they did meet.