Three things challenge

Three Things Challenge #219 from Di .
The three things for the day #threethingschallenge

Ruler of the Land

Have you ever realized 
before you had a clue 
that what you did was not right 
and a danger to us too? 

Don’t just sit and argue 
that you are always good 
mistakes are made and people cry 
that they’re misunderstood.   

Suck it up and listen 
to words I have to say 
No one is quite perfect 
nor wants to be that way.  

The only person happy 
with being Mr. Right 
is a person with no ethics 
nor puts up a fair fight.  

We have a man just like this 
who thinks he rules the land 
But don’t just listen to this ass, 
Trump will hopefully be banned.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three things challenge

written for:


with peace and love

Come on in, take a seat 
it is a pleasure that we get to meet. 

I love the way you live your life 
the delight I see you give your wife. 

There is no noise that is to loud 
to push you away from any crowd. 

You have the feeling of Dalai 
The peace, and love’s tranquility.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three things challenge

Written for Di at Pensitivity101:


bread for my wife

If I go to cook some bread 
I turn the oven on. 
I think about the yeast and flour 
and apron that I’ll don.  

I plan the taste of olive oil 
and add some poppy seeds. 
I kneed the dough, add some zest 
and anything it needs.  

When it’s done it’s out of the pot,  
the hot bread comes to life. 
I put the lamp on, spread some jam 
and give it to my wife.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge #206


Matt’s love

Matt was a man who liked to dine  
on cheap champagne and cheese  
He wanted a wife who he could love  
who also wanted to please.  
He searched and searched hi and low  
but never found a good sign.  
He polished his teeth and combed his hair  
he always wanted to shine.  
There once was a lady who he had met  
who hadn’t had much love before  
they fell in love and so they bought  
satin sheets to lay on the floor. 

They bought a house and bought a car 
they thought they’d finally get rich 
but hopes and dreams pop just as fast 
as a car driving into a ditch. 

So now they lay side by side 
in a grave built for couples of two 
but no one knows about their love 
so, there’s no one who really feels blue.  

©2020 CBialczak Poetry


Hosted by Di at pensitivity101:


My love grows

If you were to call 
and ask me how I was 
I’d shift a bit uncomfortably 
I don’t like all the buzz. 

I try to keep a smile 
so that the camera sees 
just a bit of happiness 
My love for you’s a breeze. 

So if you want to try me 
and try to ruin my day 
you can try and foil my plans 
My attitude will stay. 

My love for you is solid 
pretty unstoppable I know 
so leave the world to wonder 
my love will always grow.

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Three Things Challenge #191


Written for: Thank you Di for hosting!

Why do babies find humor in putting pieces of food up their noses?
Is it because peas are a perfect fit?
Is it because yogurt is soft and smooth?
Is it because pretzel sticks go in just enough to still stick out?

I think it is the feeling they get when they see grown-ups smile.
I think it is the love they feel when a grown-up laughs.
I think it is because God put a hole so close to the mouth that things accidentally shift.

Kids are known for sticking crazy things up their noses. Step by step instructions for what to do when your child has something stuck up their nose.

©2020 CBialczak

Three Things Challenge #170

Written for Pensitivity 101:

Your three things today are:


True Love

If you were to fight 
and there was some blood 
I’d look for the wound 
I’d bandage it good. 
I’d hug you real close 
and then let you cry 
before telling you 
it’s time for goodbye.  
You’d want to cry more 
to see me leave you 
but in the whole end 
you know my love’s true.  

©2020 CBialczak

Three Things Challenge #163


Thank you for hosting!

I’m a perfect fit

Whoever said you had to 
be a sport to win 
never had a body 
like mine to live within. 

I’m like a bit of canvas 
blank for most of it 
The hook is that I like this 
For me it’s a perfect fit. 

I don’t run like I used to 
I don’t sleep much at night 
I’m happy with myself though 
For me I fit just right.  

©2020 CBialczak