Act Now!

Poetry by Christine Bialczak

The sun was not setting 

The clouds did not blow 

The rain was not falling 

The snow would not snow. 

Our waters are dirty 

Our land is a mess 

Our air is polluted 

One must really confess. 

If we don’t act now 

We are going to see 

The earth won’t be livable 

Not for you or for me.  

Handling rejection

Well, I officially got my first rejection from a literary agent. One of many, I know. So many contacts to make, so many letters to write, each one dedicated to the wants or needs of that agent. How many have you written? Have you tried? This is one conquest that I will not abandon until I get the results I desire!

Fall leaves, colors so bright
Play hard, work hard, leaves fall free
Piles for now will be


This week, let’s consider what we savour…

When I walk on the beach, later in the day, most people have gone home, and I notice the world around me. I notice the expanse of the ocean. I savour the idea that the horizon line isn’t straight it curves into more ocean, much too far to swim, too far to see across. I savour the sounds of the small waves crashing on the shore while little water birds scurry for little clams washed up in the surf.

Quadrille #89 – Set

Where will you go? Hard to say, 

you can get there, don’t just stay. 

run while you can and don’t stop to see 

I am running behind you, yes it’s me.  

The time has come,  you should know 

when I say ready, set, go! 

***This is a challenge! You must use the given word in a poem, called a Quadrille. The only rule is that there can only be 44 words***

October 7th already?

Time seems to fly by when you are an adult. Why does time seem different at different ages? Perspective?

As a teacher time can be detrimental to learning for students, especially those who have some catching up to do. Over the summer, which as an adult we know is exactly eight weeks (or close to that), as a child it is its own year! When September comes around so much knowledge has been lost. This supports the argument that school should be year-round. But when you have summers off, as many teachers do, who wants to give that up? This then goes to another argument; wouldn’t it be less expensive for working parents if they didn’t have to pay for daycare for students for these wonderful weeks off during “summer break”. Yeah, break alright, break the bank. I remember how bad it was as a young mother, when the snow started to fall, hoping there would be school just so I wouldn’t have to pay for daycare. It is the same for working parents. That is a lot of time to pay for care for little ones. Is the answer year-round school? Who knows! Everyone has a thought. What do you think?

I had no intention of bringing up a controversial topic. My point was that time now, as an adult, flies by so fast! I hope to put my house on the market in the spring. That sounds like so far away! In reality it is only about four or five months. Well, last thing I remember was it was the beginning of a new school year and teachers were anxious about the start of school, parents were relieved! That was over a month ago. Four or five months is going to fly.

On many well-established blogs there are weekly challenges. I thought about this and I do participate in #3linetales. The blogger posts a picture and challengers are to write a full story in three lines. There was another blogger who posts a picture and says what type of poetry should be written about it. I love it! I love the challenge, I love seeing what others come up with. I want my own challenge. I was trying to think of something that would be fun, yet useful and meaningful. Do you have any ideas? My idea has to do with word lists, synonyms, antonyms. I love vocabulary. Leave your ideas below where it says to leave a comment.

Peace to you! Back tomorrow.

3 Line Tails, Week 192

Welcome to Week 192 of Three Line Tales.

three line tales, week 192: a rainbow over a plaza

If we start at the pot, where there is supposed to be gold, and rise to the stars, do we find a greater path to make our journey worth more?

If we start at the bottom and the rainbow stops in midair, will we fall off the path because we are so foolish to follow it?

If we just enjoy the beauty, without a hope for gold, a long path, or a journey, can we find peace in our world and love what is given to us?

By, Christine Bialczak

What about poetry?

During my fairly short writing career I have come to love writing poetry. Yes, I know, yuck! Well, to tell you the truth I find my poetry silly and fun to read.

It seems that poetry is not a popular type of literature for children. I know that so many books that are published incorporate rhyming but the anthologies like I read when I was a kid. Have you read “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein? I think I read that anthology a hundred times, as well as his other works. He is my inspiration because without knowing his writing style I don’t think I would ever imagine myself writing poetry.

I hope to put out a Poem Anthology. What do you think? I would love feedback on whether this is a considered a good idea or not. I will still do whatever I eventually decide, but the feedback may help determine when and how I present it to a literary agent.

tag #whataboutpoetry in your response. I think that sends it back to me. I’m still learning how to blog and if you have any pointers on a way I can improve, and you know how to blog, please send your suggestions my way. Email me at