Sunday Whirl: Wordle #432

Sitting in a coffee shop 

As I sit here in disguise, like a villain being hunted by the hero, I resign myself and decide to stay, tucked in the corner of this coffee shop, hoping to avoid any conversation. And I write, chain smoke, and decide how to rally against the negativity which will envelope me when I go home. I know it will happen. I left in the middle of an argument. I don’t feel any shame though as I know positivity will reign. That is what divides us, the outlook, and how shade on a cold day is the same as shade on a sunny day, both beautiful yet so different. If it weren’t for the words, the way I shoot my mouth off, when I feel I am in the right, there wouldn’t be this separation, this hiding, this avoidance. My wish is that the anger will dissipate and all arguments can turn into conversation.  

Sunday writing prompt: Myths and Love

Galatea and Acis  (the “real” story)

Acis, a minor river god, loved the nymph Galatea. However, the cyclopes Polyphemus [some say the same one who terrorized Odysseus ] also loved the girl. There really was no competition: Acis was young and handsome, Polyphemus large and ugly. Acis and Galatea carried on a secret love affair, but one day Polyphemus heard Acis singing a love song for her and hurled huge rocks at the two. Galatea transformed him into a river and the stones which Polyphemus threw became the Cyclopian Rocks in Sicily. 

Galatea and Acis (my version)

There was a fairy and a fish 
Who loved each other true. 
A beast, he loved her so much more 
as social media knew. 

The cyclops was the ugly beast 
From who the two did hide. 
For in the darkness they did kiss 
When both their cell phones died.  

One day the fairy sang a song 
Which was meant for fish boy. 
Cyclops got mad and threw some stones 
before he did deploy.  

He went to war, or so he thought 
But really he was high. 
He didn’t understand how she could sing 
To some other handsome guy.  

The stones stand now right near the shore 
Of modern Italy 
They both have died but love lives on 
If only digitally.

From my desk: November 30, 2019

Well, today is it, the last day of November, at least I think it is! Funny, but to this day I cannot remember which months have 30 days or 31. I know February!!! And I do know there are rhymes to remember, I have taught them multiple times to multiple grade levels over the course of my teaching career. But for the life of me, I cannot remember!

Yesterday was a busy day. David and I went to a movie. We saw Ford vs. Ferrari. Once I knew what was going on it was pretty good. We then went and got a drink and a bite to eat. I didn’t get a chance to write though.

Today was another busy day. It wouldn’t have been too bad but it was one of those “sleep until noon” kind of chilly days. We then went to dinner with friends and again, not much writing was done. I look and I see all the challenges I love and I am missing them! 😦 I am much too tired now to continue my night-time reading, the jolt of my relaxing muscles keep waking me up, reminding me I should go to bed.

Good night for tonight! Peace to you all. Sweet dreams sent your way.

Word of the Day Challenge: Suspect

Word of the day: Suspect 

Suppose you were a suspect 
of a very heinous crime. 
Would you even bother 
to worry about the time? 

You might just run and hide away 
just like your father did 
but let me tell you now my friend 
that life is quite morbid. 

You tell me now that I’m the one 
to try and push you out. 
But what I really want from you 
is peace, that’s what it’s about.  

So, when you wake and realize 
that you’ll never hear this part 
don’t try running from the truth 
It’s deep down in your heart.  

The Muse #84

Cabinets rusted, sauce on the wall
This kitchen hasn’t been cleaned in years!
Who will wash the dishes?
Has anyone bothered to shut off the stove?
Is this really my kitchen?
At least I can drink my espresso in peace!

FOWC with Fandango


Don’t Worry

Up against the cool stone wall  
The buttress gives support 
As surely as your best job done 
Boss gives a good report.  

If that wall falls in on you 
So that it crushed your soul 
Push it aside, find a new rock 
And let those bad feelings roll. 

You can’t live life so worried 
That you aren’t doing the best. 
There are plenty of others 
Who have always done much less.