Deb tells us about monkeys practicing Tai Chi! Hahaha, maybe in a drunken haze?

nope, not pam

This post was written based on the following prompts:

Fandamgo’s Flash Fiction #181

Fandango’s Story Starter #60

What Do You See #148

Twiglet #293

Three Things Challenge #M62

Three Things Challenge #M63

Three Things Challenge #M64

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 08/23/2022

It would be easy enough to come away from the encounter thinking he knew it all. I mean, chicken little, our saviour, had state from his lofty position, that the sky was falling, and it was.

Ok, perhaps not falling but the ceiling was leaning, and that was good enough for me to jump into action.

Without waiting for the alarm bells to ring, a request to be lodged at the post office of life, or the lightening to do whatever lightening does, I grabbed my umbrella and hat and ran out into the teeming rain.

It was raining monkeys and dogs, obviously a side effect…

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