Ninny – Word of the Day Challenge


I’m no ninny!

What is a ninny, what can it be? 
Is it a sea star under the sea? 
Or maybe a bird up in a tree? 
Or maybe something you’d like to see? 
Or maybe a gift you want to give me? 
Or maybe a zoo animal finally free? 
Or maybe a different kind of a bee? 

A ninny is nothing but some poor old fool 
who probably skipped many days of his school 
who belly flopped into the neighborhood pool 
who tries to balance on a three-legged stool? 
who thinks that glass is some kind of jewel 
who never learned to use a real power tool? 
who doesn’t care if he breaks one more rule?  

So leave me be, I am not a ninny 
I’m not that fat, not that skinny 
just a person who loves things mini 
who loves her pig that is a guinea 
whose best friend is married to Vinnie. 

©2020 CBialczak Poetry

Sunday Writing Prompt “Dear Diary”

Dear Diary,  

I am in love! I know I’ve said it before but this time it is true! His name is Dave. We met at a party last night at Susan’s house. Her parents were out of town, so she had just about the whole high school there. Tons of kids were really partying, getting drunk and stoned, but I can’t do that like them. I hate the feeling of having my mind separated from my body. Well, Jennifer was running around looking like a fool and Ben was chasing her laughing, I think he was trying to get her to throw her in the pool. I was just walking around looking for someone to talk to. Anyhow, it was almost midnight, and everyone was pretty wasted. I went around the back of the house and saw this guy standing there just watching everyone like I had been doing. I kind of watched him to see if he was wasted but he didn’t look it. Then he looked at me and it was love at first sight! I know, I know I’ve said it before but this time it’s so true! He has the sweetest face and nice straight teeth. Oh my God, he smelled so good! We talked until like three in the morning just about everything. It turns out he doesn’t go to our school, he goes to a private school, that’s why I didn’t know him. He seems so smart and nice. We are supposed to get together this coming weekend. He said he can borrow his dad’s car and come pick me up. He didn’t even try putting his hands on me! What a gentleman. Susan is going to be so envious when she finds out! I hope I can find something nice to wear when we go out. What if he thinks I’m too fat? Oh God, I had better wear black, so it hides some of my rolls.  He’s supposed to call me later today. I totally know this is the one for me. I can totally see myself marrying him and living the rest of my life with him. Imagine the cute babies we will make. A boy and a girl. I hope he wants kids! I didn’t even think of that yet, I’ll have to ask him. Anyhow I think I would give up a lot of my ideas for him. I will update you next time I talk to him. 


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The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 448

Words:  hug, face, restrict, home, times, cult, distance, count, woke, look, call, hands

Held Captive

When I woke, I saw the face of my captor. I don’t know why he took me from my home. I don’t even know the distance I traveled to be counted as part of this cult, but I know the restrictions now imposed upon me were serious. I knew I could not call home, my hands were tied, as I realized the times were changing quickly. I would no longer look into the eyes of my loving mother or feel the tight hug from my father. I was now part of a group who had tight boundaries and was going to have to learn to follow them or face consequences unknown to someone like me, a girl from a small town in Oklahoma.  

©2020 CBialczak

Written for The Sunday Whirl :

What Is It?

Written for Weekend Challenge:

What is it? Photo Entry

What is it? Written Entry

I remember the days when I was in elementary school. I had two best friends on the street where I grew up. One of my friends grew up across the street, with her backyard being the marsh of the East River in Connecticut. I had some marsh in my backyard but it was a small inlet and not as fun! We used to go and ride on it over the marsh grasses! We would take turns, go together, make up adventures. I can still picture myself on it. What is it?

Something: Ragtag Daily Prompt

Something Else

I look and look 
but cannot find 
something else 
I left behind. 

I think it’s here 
then it’s gone 
it’s in the house 
it’s on the lawn. 

Perhaps the car 
is keeping it 
It’s not anything 
I must admit.  

Whoever finds 
my lost something 
would you kindly 
give me a ring? 

I don’t know what 
the something is 
all I know 
it is amiss.  

Someday perhaps 
it will be mine 
I will love it 
whatever’s fine. 

©2020 CBialczak

Written for Ragtag Daily Prompt:

Revenge: Word of the Day Challenge


You might not think it’s funny 
and I don’t mean it to be 
just watch your back 
I might attack 
Revenge is driving me.  

I don’t know what actions I’ll bring 
I could do most anything 
Just be sure 
lock your door 
I don’t want a doorbell to ring. 

Why do I feel like this now 
I don’t know why or how 
I got so mad 
but that’s your bad 
Since revenge has become my vow.  

©2020 CBialczak

Written for Word of the Day Challenge:

18 Months

18 months ago my life changed.
18 months ago my husband died.
18 months ago my world was turned upside down.
18 months ago I became a widow.
18 months ago my husband was gone forever.
18 months ago my husband was never coming back.

Why can’t they see that
I did not choose any of this
and it will not change?

Why can’t you let me
be happy with my life now
without feeling bad?

Why’s being happy
so bad when my love is gone
and new love is here?

Who thinks it’s easy
to be a widow so young
and want love again?

Why do they judge me
when nobody knows the truth
about my real love?

One love is gone now,
One new love is here to stay
this is my new life.

If you don’t like it
then walk away from me now
I can be happy.

©2020 CBialczak

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 446

Words:  sing, lift, rip, old, smooth, blessings, floor, view, enough, panic, virus, twenty 

True love doesn’t stop

When I think of blessings  
I don’t look at the floor.  
I lift my head up high  
Leave panic at the door.  
I try to sing my praises  
of people who I love  
Even when their old and gone  
Just white noise from above.  
I’ve never had true love  
and view it as a gift  
Smooth out all the wrinkles  
Along the waves I drift.  
No virus enough to stop me  
from seeing you each day  
I’d rip away red tape  
I’ll throw all fear away.  
For twenty days and hours  
or more if that’s the deal  
I’ll love you every minute  
My love for you is real. 

©2020 CBialczak

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Writer’s Workshop I:

Use the prompt “measure twice, cut once” to inspire a short story, 150-300 words long, fiction (any genre) or nonfiction allowed. Your response should be in first/second draft form. Don’t worry about putting that final polish on it. We will be working on it throughout the month.

The Shopping Trip

Beverly stood in Lane 6 with her basket of essentials: pasta, jar sauce, a loaf of Italian bread, and a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke. She could see that all the lanes were open and most of them had two or more patrons, but her line had four. Down in Lane 1 there seemed to be only one person waiting. She stood looking ahead of her, at the baskets full of groceries and continued to contemplate the move. “To move or not to move, that is the question,” she said to herself.  

Beverly had always heard that once you pick a lane, stay there, that is your correct place. She had switched before and once or twice she can remember it being a good move. There was the time she moved to a different lane and stood behind a woman who was convinced the ground beef was on sale, which it wasn’t, but they had to call the butcher to come confirm the choice she had made was NOT one of the sale items. That had taken all of 12 minutes, during which time she saw the lane she had originally been on cash out over a dozen “under 8 items” customers.  

She felt her feet shift toward the direction of Lane 1. She saw the man at the register in her lane taking his wallet out. There were still three people ahead of her. Ugh, she didn’t know what to do. Her mind was saying to wait, but her patience was saying to walk to Lane 1. That was it, she stepped out of line, allowing the woman behind her to step forward into her place in line. She was now out of line, with no concrete decision having been made, except for the step out of the line. She turned and walked as quickly as she could toward Lane 1.  

When Beverly turned past the endcap into Lane 1’s line of customers there was a man there, waiting to pay. He had a pile of coupons in front of him and his groceries were bagged. The cashier was trying to put the coupons through but there was a small pile off to the side of those the computer was rejecting. The coupons were probably worth 25 cents or less, but the man wanted his savings to go through, as he knew he had bought all the right products and none of his coupons were expired. Beverly groaned. She had done it again. Not trusted her intuition to stay in Lane 6, despite the three customers ahead of her. Now, here she was, in Lane 1, behind this coupon junkie, watching his coins pile up in the form of useless coupons next to the scanner. This was what she got for switching lanes. Maybe next time she would just stay put with an extra ounce of patience.  

©2020 CBialczak

478 Words

#writephoto: Memory

Written for Sue Vincent’s Write Photo:

He knew if was here. If only he had drawn himself some sort of map! He didn’t think he would forget so easily.
It had been only two short years when they came to The Rocks. This was one of the well-known tourist spots, only out-of-towners don’t know the story behind the rocks.
Now, he would have to search, looking for some clue as to where he buried the box. He thought he had buried it under the “chin” of the rock’s face. Unfortunately, there was no evidence of ever being disturbed and he hated to be the first one to disturb this area.
If he found the box he would be able to go home, but if he didn’t he would die searching.

Headline: Man found at The Rocks, clutching wooden box. Death to be determined.

©2020 CBialczak