Saturday Swapit #23

Di is the host:

This week’s theme is not so much as having the nibbles, but how we deal with days when trying to keep to plan is futile.

I binge eat when I am super stressed out. I have found however, if I admit my binge it occurs less frequently. I know my problem isn’t always what I eat it is how much I eat.

I know that cereal is not the best breakfast food despite what some people say or think. I have heard so many different things but I go through periods when I just want cereal. My favorite has always been Lucky Charms because I liked the plainness of the cereal pieces with the sugar from the marshmallows. The last time I started buying them I found that the cereal pieces are now glazed or something. The same cereal but from Aldi’s is better because the pieces are not frosted. That being said I am done with Lucky Charms.

My newest thing for cereal is Kix. I love it and it doesn’t have that much sugar in it. It seems healthy enough. But…it is made from corn and it is cereal. I also love Special K and Raisin Bran.

David is on a healthy eating plan so cooking for him makes me cook a little healthier for myself. I don’t use a lot of fat and oils but I do love pasta as a side dish or sometimes potatoes. I can live without all that and do enjoy a quick stir-fry with ground turkey, spinach and a few other veggies.

Overall, I think I need to focus on eating only when I am truly hungry and portion control.