Judgment: Compilation 6/25/2022

I may be tone-deaf as you say but scrutiny gets you lost
an eponymous pattern for which you see, but really at what cost?
I produce words and phrases here to get me on a route
like mud and reeds go searching in a marsh for land to suit.
The insight that you’ve given me with speed and acuity
reminds me of my childhood friends and what they meant to me.
So here we stop at a junction place where speed defies no one
and think of hent in terms of life but where is all the fun?
Let’s stop and say we are both here for similar success
But I will surely put you down since my writing is the best.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Look What I Found!: Compilation 6/24/2022

I tried to write something for the prompts yesterday but nothing was coming to me, so I closed the computer lid and walked away. I came back today with a fresh set of hands and eyes and this is what I got!?

Plane – Image by KL Caley

Can you picture a person in the fresh open air
looking up at a plane and you follow their stare
It’s a plane on a stick and the stick in the ground
My head is now spinning around and around.
The essence of pleasure has been taken away
It takes one to know one, is what they all say
But whether indigenous or found far from here
My investigation is becoming quite clear
There’s a scroll at the base with a tiny rosette
I barely could take notice of words that were set
on the thin little paper rolled up with a bow
What it might say, I don’t really know.
My endeavor is over, my looking is done
This plane won’t fly far, it’s just there for fun
I envisage myself walking quickly away
But I might come to check this some other day.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Trying Today: I will succeed

For Today’s Poetics, I want you all to think along the lines of Peer Pressure. 

How does it make you feel? What are your views on it? Slice it, dice it, pepper it with everything that you have got and write a new poem.
From d’Verse Poet’s Pub:

It may not appear that I think you are right
or that I am wrong at any old time
It’s just that I feel your presence hanging around
Why do you get to me? Why do I bend?
I know your influences are not in my interest
yet I don’t know what this will give you.
Do you wish to see me fail?
Do you wish to prove a point?
Is it my curiosity to see what will happen in the end?
I live each day, knowing who cares for me
and who doesn’t
and yet I look for your call
your interference
your input
the misery it all brings.

I’m told to move on
I’m told that you are poison
But the pain of loss is stronger
The questions louder
The answers nonexistent

Today I will live without thoughts of you
and what you don’t like about me
and all that I do.
Today I will live without hearing your negativity
enveloping the being I am.
Today I will make the effort to put the past behind
To realize the present isn’t what I had wished for
But that I am better off without you.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Memories: Compilation 06/20/2022

Before I could make a colossal mistake
I went to my laboratory wondering just what to make
I thought of achievements and those of my kids
I looked for recognition in everything they did.
Listlessly sitting under long bright white lights
a milestone reminded me of a time of a fright
A leopard had lumbered its way in my head
A display of lactation while I lay in my bed
Sort of a nuance the vision soon cleared
and I realized my daughter was where I most feared.
Alone in the kitchen with only the cats
Lapping up milk and softly giving them pats
I leapt out of bed and threw on my clothes
Reminded I thankfully washed the floor, I suppose.
Forgetting the mess and only laughter ensued
Thought my jovial reputation was what I couldn’t out-do

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

My Writing Montage: Compilation 6/19/2022

As I sit now and think about the words here today
I catenate my words in my roustabout way
Its not an emergency this is no jubilee
but as I proceed I feel it does amuse me.
Like a blackbird who flies in the dead of the night
to a flame going out in the wind
Nothing surprises my mind anymore, so now it is time to begin
I will think of an ambulance whirling away as it seems to cross by on the street
While a meek little woman searches her purse, wondering who she might meet
She may need assistance here on the ground, her bare feet attached to the earth
Or getting her butt up on the bus, the door is too small for her girth.
I find that I am like a grain of the sand that covers a wide open beach
playing my part in this writing montage wondering who I will reach.
Now that I’m done and she’s riding the bus my search for the words has to stop
Like a saint kneels to pray the creed that he knows, my brain cells are ready to drop.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Weekend Writing Prompt

Waking up to a beam of sunlight warming your skin chilled by the damp night air that had settled. Hearing the birds chirping, singing sweet songs, no words, just beauty in the sound.
Planning the day, thinking of friends, loving life as is.

Finding the beauty
Knowing simple things are rare
Within and without.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Quiet Zone: Compilation 6/18/2022

I dreamt of a world in a land far away
A rainbow spanned the sky, which impacted my day
A little bitty bird with pink little feet
toiled with the soil looking for a worm to eat
The scent on the air was filled with jasmine and some spice
A current little something, boiled apples would be nice
My mind sent my thoughts awhirl coming from nowhere
A platitude of messages, but I really didn’t care
I was happy with the world, brightness beaming in my eyes
Nothing could be better than those cloud covered skies.
I awoke with a start finding myself all alone
Wishing I was back there now in that quiet zone.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

When I was young (bad hair day): Compilation 06/16/2022

Way back when, when I was young and I lived in a shack
My parents were both generous and gave me lots of slack
My name was in the news just once when I was nine or ten
It was a misprint I had seen, which haunted me back then.
My height was short despite my age and so it wasn’t rare
For others to indulge themselves in ruffling my hair.
In my domain it suited me to leave my hair a mop
But mom and dad they fought with me if leaving our door stop
They thought the style quite unkempt and wanted it pulled back
There even was the once or twice my mom gave me a smack!
And so I live alone for now, as I’m a grown adult
I often look like Cousin It, and that is all my fault.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Hopes for myself (take them for you too!)

Alone with time to think of all the things once available now gone, unused now missing, hurtful yet yearned for. Knowing the things I miss do not miss me, the people that have thrown me away do not want me back, and all I have is worth so much more?

Why is it that despite all I have
I grieve things that never meant much to me?

Why is it that despite all of the good people in my life
I grieve the loss of people who don’t care about me?

May sunshine fill my eyes
May music fill my ears
May beauty fill my hands
May sweetness fill my nostrils
May Peace enter me and remain there forever.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

The Timid Man: Compilation 06/15/2022

To show off his accomplishment the awkward little man
Silenced by the opulence, a foreshadow of a plan,
burst into the sunroom to catch them by surprise
But the planned achievement earned was not his enterprise.
the mother of the baby worked to quieten her tot
while one teen sat sedated, another picked a shoelace knot
He noticed a quiet lady was swatting at some flies
Antagonist by nature or just nosey and all eyes?
He felt his plan diminish and realized in the end
That people don’t like others who are timid little men.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry