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Fortune Teller

I went to see a psychic
To hear my fortune and my fate
I’d wager all my money
That a lot of its fake bait

She only wants my money
To some degree, I do admit
Alternatively, I could leave
but in my chair, I wait and sit

She said my renovations
At my house would all fall down
Ironic as I sit here
looking at her tattered gown

This morning when I got here
I told her “I’m upset today”
I felt skeptical and ill inside
I can’t propel my angst away

She finished with my reading
Was she mirroring my doubt?
I knew all along this time
I should’ve gone a different route.

©2023 CBialczak Poetry

The Best Guy: Compilation 08/29/2022

He told me not to nag
He said I was a grouch
I thought I was quite winsome
As I giggled on his couch
There was a list of calls
In a sea of appointments
Being silly was infectious
Thats usually how it went
He told me nevermore
Would he have me here to dine
He worried how I’d act
If I had a glass of wine
I told him he was lame
I asked him not to whine
I’m only being joyful
His outrage was not fine.
He glared at me disturbed
He was asking me to leave
I cried and begged him “No!”
I grabbed him by the sleeve.
He took me in his arms
and said he wasn’t mad
I told him I was sorry
That he’s the best I’ve ever had.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

TMP70: Experts Everywhere

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

Paula is the host of the Monday Peeve and lo and behold it is perfect timing. https://lightmotifs.wordpress.com/2022/08/22/tmp70-experts-everywhere/

When I am out in public or talking to someone on the telephone I am careful to sound polite and respond appropriately, as the majority of the public treat salespeople and customer service people like crap. The other day I got off the phone with someone (can’t recall what I was inquiring about) and David said, “You are probably the nicest person they have talked to all day”. Which brings me to this morning…

I have a customer who is purchasing a miniature and would like it delivered on a specific day. I told the customer I would check with USPS and UPS to find out what services they offer. Now, I live in a small village and although I’ve only been here about 6 months I have been in the post office I don’t know how many times, shipping out packages. They know me, maybe not by name, but by face and box size…So I go up to one of the tellers, not the usual guy, and ask if there is a way to guarantee that a package can get delivered on one specific day. He told me no. So I rephrased my question to ask if there was a way to guarantee the delivery even though I was sure it would be costly. He told me “overnight it”. Okay. So I said, “I need it to get there the 29th, a Monday”. He said, “There is no guarantee”. So I said, “No, I mean for overnight”. I went on to ask, “So if that is the case then I should come back on Saturday to get it there by Monday, and he got all pissy with me and said, “There is no guarantee and if you send it today overnight it will get there tomorrow.” So, I said, “I understand, but I would have to come Saturday because you are closed Sunday, so the packaage gets there Monday?” And he got pissy again and said, “No, we are NOT open on Sunday!”

Okay, I get you are under a lot of stress but really? He didn’t even have to do anything except type in a few numbers on. his computer.

I was being nice. Can’t you at least be nice back?

Sir Wilma and Madam Walter: Compilation 8/8/22

Walter was a hen and Wilma was a drake
They were the perfect pair, ducks swimming on the lake
They spent their days in sun with energy replete
With added bliss of food right under their four feet
One day Sir Wilma cried for he had lost his gal
Overbearing sadness, some kind of living hell
Being pathological wouldn’t do him any good
So he went back to the car and he sat upon the hood
He waited til the dark made it harder for him to see
He figured he’d go home and make a cup of tea
Later that same night there was knocking on the door
In came lovely Walter and she was mad for sure
She was fit with rage at the actions Wilma had.
She told him she was angry, she told him she was mad.
He showed no reluctance to hamper her madness
to live out his life sentence, to always do his best.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

What a Day!: Compilation June 11, 2022

Call it retrograde amnesia or just a flickering impulse
I conjured up my strength, as if I were someone else
My friends they did not know me, my family they would say
But I attribute all my happiness to that crazy single day
It started as a gaffe but soon turned into a cruel hunch
Disguising my whole face as I stalked away to lunch
To elevate my mood in this rare prolific phase
I sighed and ate my sandwich as I looked off in a haze
A mystery unfolding was putting all my strength on hold
The magic of a master was all that I was told
Ejected from his alter and landing with a thud
I saw my pet go flying, then a monsoon of his blood
I ran back through the hallway, the library was in sight
I didn’t leave a line of crumbs nor turn on any lights.
I hid among the books so afraid that I’d be seen
What a nightmare of a morning this day has truly been
I escaped out through a window and climbed down a brick wall
I didn’t want to wait for more I know I couldn’t stall
Suddenly I woke up, not knowing where I was
Grateful that the only thing was my alarm’s loud buzz 

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Go Home: Compilation 06/27/2022

Although the feeling all around was a melancholy mood
The policy of folks like me was fastidious and good
The swell of hope I felt that day diminished in a flash
While standing on the center lane, no barriers to dash
The happiness just slipped away to crush my vivid dream
Like oil on a flabby piece of skin in need of cream
Luck would have it no one else here seemed to see me cry
Except for one lone shaming man, I felt like I would die.
I tried to turn but felt real stuck with sorrow and some pain
Jumping now would do no good, there wasn’t any gain.
So here I stood aside the man, a standstill in my head
Realizing my day was done, so I left and went to bed.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #166

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The photograph below is from ninerio at DeviantArt.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a couple embracing in front of a large, illuminated clock, as well as other smaller, x-ray-like images of the mechanical components of clocks.

Okay so mine isn’t prose, although it could be considered fiction.

First Kiss

Dancing in time
holding the moment
lives intertwined
loves bestowment
love will not fade
where it does exist
until the very end
from when we first kissed.

©2022 CBialczak

I suppose I could add a small fiction piece:

The Dare

Milly had dared Bernadette to do it and she couldn’t believe that her best friend went through with it!
The day before Bernadette was telling Milly how in love she was with Brandon.
If you’re so in love, Juliet, why don’t you show it at the drive-in tomorrow night!”
“What?!?! You want me to prove my love at the drive-in? That is disgusting. There is no way I am taking off any of my clothing in the back seat of Brandon’s car, let alone anyone’s car. If we do it it’s going to be in a bed. Jeez, Milly! I can’t believe you would even want me doing it in public like that!”
“Bernie, that isn’t what I meant! I meant, drag Brandon up onto the platform and kiss him in front of all the cars. I’ll be there with Jack and who knows who else will be there! Are you afraid your mom might be there?”
“Milly, first of all, my mom doesn’t do drive-in movies. Second, I’ll take the dare! I think it will be fun to get up. there. I just have to hope that Brandon will go along with it.”
“Well, just prove that you made your greatest effort and I will give you credit! But, you really have to try and convince him.”

Later that night, as the movie began to play, Milly, who was sitting with her head resting on Jack’s shoulder, sat up abruptly!
“Oh my God! She is doing it!”
“Doing what, Mill?”
“I dared Bernadette to drag Brandon onto the platform and kiss him in front of the whole drive-in theater and she is doing it! Aw, look how cute they both are!”
“I’d have done it,” Jack responded.
“Well, I know that. It wouldn’t have been much of a dare. I would definitely do it! Maybe we should surprise the crowd and get up there too.”
“Let’s not and say we did. Give them the limelight for now. I’m happy with kissing you right here.”

Laughing Along With A Limerick

Check out this challenge hosted by Esther Chilton at https://esthernewtonblog.wordpress.com/2022/01/03/laughing-along-with-a-limerick-58/

My word for you this week is:


When I think back at the past of my life
and my life of being a wife
I strike a good pose
despite the shape of my nose
Since my image just won’t be my strife.

©2022 CBialczak Poetry