The Corvid Family


For this week’s Poetics, I would like you to choose a member of the corvid family, and (taking inspiration from the examples above if you wish) write a poem (or even a song) about it. Those of you who like an extra challenge may choose to populate your poem with a variety of corvidae. Here are the collective nouns for the main corvid types to get you started:
A treachery of ravens
A parliament of rooks
A clattering of jackdaws
A scold of jays
A chattering of choughs
A mischief of magpies
A murder of crows

Last week I wrote a poem that fits this topic perfectly…

It was called Crow’s Rumor

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

These cuties were on my shed yesterday. I took a few pictures through the window just in case they flew off but I was able to sneak the door open for a couple pictures before I scared them away. They were in the tree next door and on the neighbor’s roof!