If you’re gonna dream, dream big!

Just a typical mom and her kid


This is my entry for Christine’s Simply 6 Minutes photo challenge. Great picture!

By Romolo Tavani

For visually challenged readers, this is a picture of a goldfish with a shark fin strapped to his back

‘Mom, do I have to wear this? All the others are swimming without one’.
‘Yes Finlay, I’m afraid you do until you get your full watergills. It will keep you safe and larger fish will see you as a predator, not prey when we move.’
‘But Mom, they’re all laughing at me.’
‘You’ll have the last laugh believe me as they will all be gobbled up.’
‘But Mom. We’re in a goldfish bowl!’
‘And we may get moved into a tank.’
Finlay pouted and blew air bubbles to the surface.
Sometimes Moms saw too much beyond the picture.

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