From my desk: 05/23/2023

David was talking to his boss the other day and noticed a picture on her desk that is a spitting image of our Brody! He made a comment and she told him that her dog is a pure bread Norwegian Elkhound. We watched some videos and I think that is what he is!

We always thought, as did the vet, that Brody was a German Shepherd and Beagle mix of some sort. He was adopted off one of the trucks that brought dogs up to CT from Tennessee. Last night I bought a doggie DNA kit so I will be sending that out and we should get the results in two to three weeks! It is very exciting.

10 thoughts on “From my desk: 05/23/2023

    1. He’s doing a lot better. He is still afraid of the dog next-door which is understandable but I’ve been trying to stay calm and walk him by houses that I know have the dogs in the yards just so he gets comfortable again because it used to never be an issue. Other than that he is back to normal for the most part.


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