Kay’s ninth birthday

A robot puppy?


‘I don’t want it’. She said. ‘It’s not the same. I  can’t cuddle it, brush it, feed it, stroke it or feel safe with it near me. Look at those jaws! What if it short circuited?’
‘But Kay, this is a top of the range Robot Canine. There’s no need to walk it or clear up after it. It will protect you once programmed and be your constant companion.’
‘No!’ she shouted. ‘I want a real dog!’
‘You’ll come to accept this as real eventually Kay. You’re only nine years old. It’ll just be a case of getting used to it.’
‘ I don’t want to get used to it. This thing is cold and unfeeling. I want a dog, one that is warm to touch, smells musty when damp, farts, can curl up on my bed, and we can play together. I do not want this!! Please? ‘

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