Turned Upside Down

Choose the right underwear!

A Unique Title For Me

My partner Jake and I perform Adagio dance, which is sometimes called acro dance, because it involves us holding stationary positions where we have to keep our balances.  I try my best to hold onto my skirt when I get in these compromising positions.  Choosing the right dancewear can either hide or highlight and either complement or distract from your moves, so selecting the perfect undergarments to go with your specially crafted outfit is even more critical, requiring some smart thinking.  After watching Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, the last thing that I want is a costume malfunction.  I try to avoid the visible panty line and I never use thong-type panties, because they show too much.  When I am on the dance floor, a lot of people will have the opportunity to take a close look up my skirt, when I am upside down because the lighting is…

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