#Simply 6 Minutes – Scuba Diving

Remembering Ruby!


I would never have thought that a little white haired lady, who was so quietly spoken that you could hardly hear her, would have been scuba diving. She shocked us all. There we were after the Service having coffee, everyone talking at once, and suddenly Ruby came out with that. She was such an unassuming and seemingly unadventurous lady but she obviously had hidden depths. Just like the water she went in. I had a job to hear what she was saying as I was blind. Not that you listen with your eyes, but it is amazing how much you rely on sight and seeing peoples’ lips move to tell what they are saying. I really wanted to hear this. What was scuba diving like? It was not something I would have dared do. But then I am not very adventurous and you certainly would not have got me…

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