NPM Scavenger Hunt: Scars that heal

 Silver Shovel by Monty Vern – a variation of the Golden Shovel where you take a line or lines from an existing poem (make sure to credit the original poet and poem). Use each KEY word as an end word in your poem skipping words like a/an/and/the/or etc. that are not essential to the meaning of the line. Keep the end words in order. The new poem does not have to be about the same subject as the poem the line(s) were derived from. BONUS: Use a poem from a WP poet.

i rake dead leaves
pick up fallen sticks
fill birdbath to brim

written by Lynn at a poem in my pocket

Scars that heal

Instead of the we I must consider the I
thinking of the scars from nails that rake
across the skin so dead
reminding me it is he who leaves
in order to pick
all that is down, up
Knowing no matter what has fallen
getting up is the lesson that sticks
no extra space to fill
a vessel shallow as a birdbath
For all the extra flows over the rim

©2023 CBialczak

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