NPM Scavenger Hunt: Hyena

The Helipad by Sangeetha from the “Creativity Forms Verses” nonce forms – a poem of 9 lines. All lines begin and end with the letter H which is capitalized and bolded. All words in line 5 are also capitalized and bolded. All lines should be the same length including spaces. This will form the H indicating a helicopter landing pad! BONUS: Use an animal in the poem.


Hyena blocking the way of the path
Having found his way on this earth
Hurt smaller creature lack of faith
Hopes to find a meal of good worth
Hunting you can hear its odd laugh
Habitat fears will cause its death
Haggled hair is frightful to watch
Halted only as four lions approach
Haunted eyes aware of coming death

©2023 CBialczak

***This looks a little crooked but each line has 34 characters***

10 thoughts on “NPM Scavenger Hunt: Hyena

  1. Christine I too had a fit with WP trying to get the spacing of the lines to work out… It was nearly impossible!! I love the way this poem approaches the hyenas and their predatory ways – and having to deal with the TOP predator…

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