NPM Nonce Scavenger Hunt: Moving Forward

Running Repetition by murisopsis – consists of a minimum of 2 stanzas of 7 lines each. The stanzas can be written as 7 lines or broken into a quatrain followed by a tercet for emphasis. The rhyme scheme is: x/a/a/a/b/b/C where C is the same phrase repeated as a refrain in all following stanzas. The refrain is broken into 2 parts separated by a dash to indicate a catch in breath. BONUS: Use some aspect of running or repetition.

Moving Forward

When life is forced to change
Life must move on
The old is gone
Things new to hope upon

For we have no total control
We must accept that which is doled
Find it in your heart to keep moving.

Changes come whether or not
We ask or hope for trade
At least an equal grade
For only us it’s made.

This is the life that you lead
Filled with the love that you need.
Find it in your heart to keep moving. 

©2023 CBialczak

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