Hiding in Plain Sight (Subtle Adult Content – 150 Words)

Gypsie-Ami has a naughty tale!

Gypsie’s Wonderful World of Words

In response to Christine at Stine Writing’s Simply 6 Minutes Challenge 04/04/23

“Do you think they can see us? I don’t think they can see us. No! Don’t move, then they will definitely see us!”

“But I have an itch!”

“Don’t think about it! Just DO NOT MOVE!”

“Wilbur, I have to move. Here, lift the hand they can’t see and scratch right there. Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oh harder Wilbur, harder!”

“Shush Harriet! I’m getting it, hold on, hold on. Whose idea was it to hide behind this tiny tree anyway?”

“That would be yours, Wilbur! You said it would be funny to stand together sideways, so we’d look like one gigantic bear, remember?”

“Well, it’s working isn’t it? Look, they didn’t know. Haha! We fooled them good, Harriet!”


“Yes Harriet?”

“That’s NOT my back you are scratching!”

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