Kriti says the bird is showing his strength

Life is Beauty..♥♥..

He was born on a beautiful sunny day
along with his
Two brothers and a sister
The day after they were born
Were called upon
By the mumma bird
Come I'll teach you how to fly
She said
Shred your fear and take a leap
Don't worry I'll hold your back
Everyone jumped off the ledge
Except the youngest
Who was still afraid to fly
And thought that the wings will not support him
His parents tried and tried
But he did not fly
So his parents used their trick
And ignored him all day
Tired of this behaviour and
Maddened by hunger
He finally took the leap
For a moment he was blank
But soon he realised
That his wings did support him
And didn't let him fall
Into the vast expanse of sea beneath
Now he flew like a jet
So fast that he left a trail beneath!

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