Welcome to Hell

Written by Damien and Rei

merciful acts in a battle with forces of misery

I am going to just write and see what happens

I stab at my chest, in grave unrest, not with needles or knife but with address

a dress of grave site undressed by a dress. I am not stressed, or un-rested. I am just disconnected but I am fine. I am fine I am mine. I am connected to nothing. You cannot touch me. I am floating. I am nothing

Forever away, forever away.

Get the **** away from me

starry night of stabbing madness. I am touching everything and nothing

and I can’t spell anything right write write right

My hands don’t work. I have no clear thoughts


stupid addict

addict to pain

I am darkness

I am light

I am schizophrenic after thought of bite

I hate myself I hate you.

I am the moon.

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