Simply 6 Minutes-2/28/23 Perfect Plans

This may have been the step before the oops!

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We’re asked to use the photo below as inspiration for a story and we have only six minutes to write it.

They had made it!
Two young urban professionals who were a ‘perfect’ match.
They’d met in the workplace, of course. Were on their own ‘perfect’ trajectories for advancement too.
They had an apartment that suited them both only minutes from work AND had planned their lives together right down to having car rental agreements that alternately expired for a well-planned system to avoid even the smallest financial conflicts.

The wedding was the crescendo! “Perfect” couldn’t even have described it. The sun shone, the guests had been generous, and the photo shoot outstandingly artful.

A week later, a home pregnancy test was positive.
Nine months later, their marriage was ‘on the rocks’ and their ‘planned lives’ in shambles.
Having discussed everything, how had they overlooked the possibility of unplanned…

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