Day 1 #100daysOfThoseDays

Join in the fun:

If every day is a holiday then every day deserves a story! When I was teaching the littles I used these fun and crazy holidays to form my lesson plans. We would have some history lessons, writing, arts & crafts, and food if possible. My first was Horse Appreciation Day in Turkmenistan. This year that holiday falls on April 30th.

Banana Bread

“Maisy, go down to the market and get me a bunch of bananas. Make sure they are not the green ones. I want to make banana bread to bring to Granny’s tomorrow.”

“Will you make one for us too?”

“You know I always make two! Now, get…I’d like to get started.”

Maisy slipped out the front door and was shocked at the scene in front of her brownstone apartment. There were people lined up as far as she could see to the left and the right. The rows of people were at least five if not six or seven deep. She could get lost just outside her house. How was she going to get through all those people and not spill something down her pants leg? Looking at the front stoop two doors down, Maisy finally had the opportunity to see what all the hype was about. Leaning slightly forward, so as to not fall over the rusting wrought iron handrails, she saw what everyone was looking at.

By now Maisy had forgotten all about the banana bread and was now fixated on…

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