The Great Escape

People with parents who are older and losing some of their typical abilities will appreciate this stot

Writer Ravenclaw

This week’s prompt from to write prose, poetry, or anything we like in six minutes.

Getting on in years, sitting in a chair, surrounded by old people, wasn’t his idea of fun. He was called a grumpy old man, not by the nurses, but his daughter, who visited him once a week. It wasn’t fair, why did they think he couldn’t look after himself was stupid. Yes, his memory wasn’t what it was, and he had almost started that fire, but it wasn’t his fault.

A tear rolled down his cheek, drying into his skin like a discarded dream.

‘You okay Dad, we were thinking of going down the pub for your birthday,’ his daughter said, holding his hand. ‘I know you miss the other guys.’


‘Yea, course. I’m sorry I haven’t visited more, we’ve been so busy with work. I promise that will change. I love you.’

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