Who Let That Elephant In

Jim tells us Topsy made the damage!

A Unique Title For Me

The property manager said, “This building was made to withstand an earthquake and you are telling me that one elephant did all this damage.”  The construction manager said, “We hired Topsy for the grand opening ceremony because elephants are supposed to bring good luck and most people love elephants because of their large ears, long trunk, and their extremely long life span.  We had some extra janitorial staff here in case the elephant needed to go, as we knew that nobody wanted to see that.  Everything was going fine; all the people were enjoying being entertained by Topsy till she went on a rampage and started crashing through the walls.  People were screaming and panicking and running for the exit and then I saw that a mouse was trying to crawl up into Topsy’s trunk, so besides the building damage, you also have a rodent problem.”

Written for Simply 6 Minutes…

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