Look To The Stars.

A reminder to look before you walk!

S C Richmond

A short story inspired by the six minute challenge at The Bag Lady blog.

Look To The Stars.

Look up, they say, look to the stars.

What a lovely idea, a straight back and eyes to the sky, great posture. This was all going through Belle’s head as she strode down the road. Today she had to visit a hotel, a potential new client for her fledgling business, it could be a valuable new client.
Today she would walk proud and take on the world, returning home with the prize.

She entered the lobby, everything sparkled, as if reminding her to reach for the stars. At that very moment her foot caught the edge of a rug and she tumbled. The world suddenly moved in slow motion. She put out her hands to save her face but not fast enough. The thought that went through her head was…

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