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Write about your first computer.

I still remember it so well! My late husband was so mad by the end of it.
So, my father-in-law had been a chemist and worked many years for IBM. When we had talked about getting a computer he said that he had a friend that could give us one for very inexpensive. Yeah, foreshadowing…
The thing was slow as molasses and we kept having to buy upgrades to add to it because it was so old and so basic that we couldn’t barely send an email. At that time it would take almost an hour for the computer to boot up.
We should’ve just gone out and bought one for ourselves. That memory always aggravated my late husband!

4 thoughts on “WordPress Question of the Day

  1. My father was a computer programmer so he had a personal computer as soon as they were available! My mother even learned DOS so she could use it! Of course I married a computer programmer and we had a computer before we had insulation in our first house! That Apple IIE was my husbands pride and joy… We currently have 3 desk top computers and 2 laptops, one tablet and one net book!! And yes we use them all (albeit the one in the basement is only for playing Civilization IV because that is the only one that can still do it)!

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    1. That was one thing that was disappointing about the progress. You’d think the newer things could handle the old stuff and more but some of the older things just had to be tossed aside. I had this one game, I can’t even really remember everything about it but I do remember getting a new computer and it was no longer compatible. Now I just do Macs. I have an HP that I had bought for my son when he graduated high school, so he could bring it to college. That was back in 2019. It had all the bells and whistles…Now I think it is just a regular computer as everything changes so frequently.


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