Split and Stacked

Jim explains the different wood to burn

A Unique Title For Me

This is your cord of wood and the price that we agreed on was $300 Mr. Williams.  It is all seasoned hardwood and mixed with oak which produces a slow-burning fire that lasts longer and burns more evenly and hotter.  I included some maple which is heavy to lift, but it burns slowly so your fire will last a long time.  You should probably start your fires with the birch, as that burns quickly, and it gives off a beautiful flame.  I put in some cherry in your pile, which has a very pleasant, non-smoky aroma, although it does tend to spark a little more.  There is also plenty of hickory which in my opinion is the best smelling wood and it is even hotter burning than oak.  Your wife said that she didn’t want any firewood with bugs on it, but you know that I can’t guarantee that.  When…

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