Schröder and Schrödinger

What does the internet know anyways?


The picture above shows a cat. If you look carefully it can be made to be going either upstairs or downstairs.The staircase is called ‘schröder’s staircase’ an optical illusion drawing published by german scientist heinrich schröder.

Now if this picture would be in a box , the cat would be schrödinger’s cat. i.e the cat can be dead or alive in the closed box and you can only find it by opening the box. This was an experiment by schrödinger.

Both these cases have one thing in common , coexistence of two polar ideas; the upward or downward flight or stairs or the fate of the cat’s life. It’s riveting how the internet sides with one of these ideas and completely refute the other one denying its existence even.

Say we flip a coin , the showing up of heads doesn’t mean that tails doesn’t exist?

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