WordPress Daily Writing Prompt

What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time?

I love making things so I find that when I have free time to do absolutely nothing I end up blogging, drawing, or making miniature stuff. I used to make jewelry and still have tons and tons of supplies but I don’t sell much of it so it just sits and gets me frustrated at the clutter I made! I do like playing ridiculous games on my phone but even that gets annoying when a, I can’t get past a level, or b, there are ads because I am not about to spend $5 on every stupid game that pops up in apps.

14 thoughts on “WordPress Daily Writing Prompt

  1. Great question! I enjoy writing, sketching, painting, park swings, talking to God during evening walks, crime and court shows, and the companionship of my family. The above list is not in proper order nor is it all inclusive. 😃

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    1. I cannot stand retro video games because I sucked at them then and I suck at them now. David and I just bought Ebikes a while back but I haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like. Legos I love but don’t do anymore, they are packed away and then reading and writing are pretty much an always.


  2. Sounds like me, I did a lot of jewelry making, then got tired of it, but have lots of supplies left. Also I liked playing candy crush but got stuck on one level and cannot get past it, so hardly go there any more. 🙂

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