Fat Cats

Diana has a great comparison between feline and canine

Writer Ravenclaw

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Cats, out of all the domesticated creatures, are by far the most independent. With a dog, they do everything to please their owner, part of your pack, they make sure your needs are met before their own. A cat, well, they are totally different. They will pester you until they are fed, choose to go out in the summer. Are determined to stay in the house during winter – they don’t like to be cold when going to the toilet. Sometimes a comfy cushion, or sofa, is preferable to going outside.

Dogs, when well trained, will hold it in. Although, when my dog was on steroids, we had to let him out regularly, even in the early hours, because he just couldn’t help it.

Cats, they try to teach us to hunt, leaving us a little present of a dead mouse or bird on our doorstep. It…

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